[Security] Key copying software apps

March 18, 2019 0 Comments

I was driving into work this morning (mind you I’ve heard this commercial a couple times before) and it never really dawned on me until this morning.

There are a few key copy apps that allow you to photograph your key and have a copy made at various stores. I won’t go into detail as the stores/apps because this is irrelevant. Keep in mind, this isn’t very secure. As it is, all a thief has to do is actually take a photo of your key, plug it into a 3D printer and make an exact copy of your key. Now, with this info in mind, all a hacker would have to do is infiltrate this key copy site and viola… all these keys. you may as well just leave a key under the door mat.

The Modern Rogue (modernrougue.com) did a very interesting video episode on this on their YouTube channel.

This all said…. make an extra key, and store it in your wallet/purse and you will be just as safe

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