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May 24, 2019 0 Comments

Microsoft edge builds were leaked and seemed to be based on chromium 75. When its launched, the Welcome to Microsoft Edge Beta channel will display as well as a New Tab Page that prompts you to import data from other browsers and configure how you’d like them to appear. there are urls for Beta, DEveloper, and canary builds. it looks like a few notable flags available are an ability to follow the OS theme, bing safe search, and a few DRM related flags and experimental flags for coding playready.


in more serious news, a researcher has made public technical details of a proof of concept exploit code for unpatched local privledge escalation. The Flaw disclosed by a researcher who uses the online moniker SandboxEscaper, is related to DACL and the Task Scheduler, and the exploit has been confirmed to work reliably on a fiully patched Windows 10 machine, including 64 bit systems. The vulnerability lets a user with even the most meager of privileges, to change permissions for a specific file by importaing a .job file into the TAsk Scheduler using Schtasks.


chances are, unless Microsoft sees an in the wild exploitation, they will patch it with Patch Tuesday updates.


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