Intel Discreet GPU might be a player?

Along with all the fanfare and sizzle, fortunately press and media attendees were also treated to first-look renders of the cards, courtesy of designer Cristiano Siqueira. The design concept is called “Dragon Scale” and the first set of renders shown at the event are of a shorter, more entry-level GPU. The design incorporates what looks like a polished, all aluminum shroud with a single rear blower style fan.

Very beautiful design, sleek looks. I’m glad to see the silicon completely covered with this card.

Single rear blower fan, not sure how this will overclock, but depending on specs we may not need to.

These slots do appear to glow blue, wonder if it’s changable. If not, this will only be good for certain case looks.

Can’t wait to see benchmarks and GPU specs. Intel, please send me this card for testing. 🙂
It’s also important to note that while these are official renders for concept Intel graphics products, that they may or may not ever see the light of day in this exact form as real cards. These are indeed just early shroud and design concepts

Intel Xe GPU Specifications and Features

It’s hard to tell where Intel’s graphics cards specs will land, but we expect the cards will support all of the native features we get today with its integrated graphics, but hopefully with a bit more firepower to back them up. That includes things like support for 4K streaming, legacy VP8 and AVC codecs, along with HEVC 10-bit decode/encode, VP9 8/10-bit decode, and VP9 8-bit encode (and perhaps even support for VP9 10-bit encode). We also expect HDR and Wide Color Gamut support.

We also know that Intel plans to support Adaptive Sync technology for all of its future graphics solutions, which includes its discrete GPUs. That’s the same underlying technology used for AMD’s FreeSync, which could be a setback for Nvidia’s proprietary G-Sync.

Edit: Apparently this was mostly fan art but fan art can come to fruition, let’s hope this looks like a pretty decent card.