As many of you have probably already read, over countless news outlets, Google suffered a huge outage primarily affecting the east coast users. This outage affected YouTube, Google services, gsuite, and account services, as well as other non Google products like snapchat and Vimeo.

While this is usually a good time to just unplug, this writer was having another issue. I was experiencing internet connection issues on my pixel 2 XL. It said I wasn’t connected, but I think I really was, but it would give me issues (I think most of them stemmed from this outage however) so, before I realized there was an outage, I opted out of the Android q beta (I had other things that were just bugging me anyway). Once you opt out of the beta it sends an ota that wipes the phone and goes back to the previous stable version.


This is normally fine, but not during an account outage. It took me about an hour to finally get my accounts to load back on my phone.

Needless to say, I’m back up and running on the Pixel and happy to have all my normal features back. (Not happy I didn’t back up data and had to restart again but sometimes that’s good for device).