Cybercrime leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic

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Cybercriminals have leveraged the COVID-19 pandemic to stage various forms of cyberattacks, from ransomware takeovers of hospital systems to private network hacking. In a recent assessment, IBM cybersecurity analysts uncovered an email phishing scheme targeting global coronavirus vaccine supply chains. The tech giant urged cold-chain organizations to remain ‘vigilant.’ In this article at Security Intelligence, Claire Zaboeva and Melissa Frydrych share details of IBM Security X-Force’s report of phishing attacks. What Does the Assessment Say? According to the IBM report, … Continue reading “Cybercrime leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic”

Prime Day Threats

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The threat actors are targeting Amazon Prime Dayshoppers with malware and phishing campaigns, as it’s one of the desired retail events, and there are millions of customers who are waiting for Amazon’s annual online shopping events. Every customer enjoys two days of exclusive sales on everything from Amazon devices like the Echo and Kindle to fashionable furniture. On the other side, many physical retail outlets continue to be closed or complete it with compressed capacity. Fraudulent sites According to the … Continue reading “Prime Day Threats”

Cybersecurity awareness month

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  The Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)is observed the month of October and started back in 2004, by the Deprtment of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Cyber Security Alliance. The mission of this alliance is to raise awareness about the importance of Cyber Security. So in honor of this, us at Pinnacle Networking would like to share some tips and tricks for increasing your wn personal cybersecurity habits. BOOST YOUR PERSONAL CYBERSECURITY WITH THESE TIPS As online and offline lives … Continue reading “Cybersecurity awareness month”