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Newly Discovered Android Trojan Hijacks Routers

Switcher takes advantage of Android users to infect WiFi routers in ‘dangerous new trend.’ The most common way for threat actors to compromise a network router is to attack it directly. The other and potentially more scalable way is to try and get individual users to unwittingly do it for them. Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have discovered a dangerous new Trojan dubbed Switcher that is designed to infect and hijack WiFi routers via compromised Android end user devices. The malware masquerades as two legitimate Android apps—an Android client for…

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My Review of Android Marshmallow

Recently, my phone had a request for an OTA update. I had been continuously checking for marshmallow and when Sprint was going to be pushing it. Well, recently, I had an update (1.2 GB mind you). I thought wow, I had a Droid Turbo 2 for two months and was hoping that would have been pushed quickly (I was wrong). First visual of Marshmallow with Samsung doesn’t look that much differently. I do like the message toast, and how it bounces in, it makes a bit more interactivity. and Doze……..

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