About Us



We’re here to get electronics up and running, and keep it that way. When I am finished working on your device, it’ll work. Period. Or else you will not pay.

We’re pros when it comes to fixing laptops and phones but we can also recover your data. We also repair all types of iDevices. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod are the “Apple” of our eye (currently limited to screens and when i can get them in stock). Do you have another piece of electronic equipment that is broken and needs special attention? Yeah, we fix that.


At our core, we operate on expertise, proven processes and integrity. We are a friendly, imaginative team that loves to have fun, but we take your repairs and restorations very seriously. We took what we didn’t like about other “fix it” shops and kiosks, and threw it out the window. Instead, we designed a workspace we’d want to do business with ourselves.