Top five Right to Repair wins of 2019

If you buy something and it breaks, do you want to be able to fix it yourself, or get it fixed by someone else other than the manufacturer? Right now, you can’t, because manufacturers pretty much have the monopoly on the repair market. Mind you they are making strides to “allow” repair through “authorized means”, they aren’t exactly making the repairs easy. Often they do not give access to the tools/parts needed to make the repairs and just goad users into purchasing new devices. All of this contributes to e-waste and unnecessary expenses . Which is exactly why we’re fighting for Right to Repair legislation—so everyone has access to the parts, tools, and information they need to fix their stuff. Luckily, 2019 was a record year for Right to Repair. So here are some Right to Repair moments of the last year. Want to help the Right To Repair cause? Head on over to

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