[SELFIES] Becareful or you could just get hacked

Always be security conscious


Everyone just loves the selfie, we see them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. But those that enjoy to flash the peace sign in their selfies have something to be aware of. Your good nature, could also put you at risk.

According to research from a team at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII), cyber thieves can lift your fingerprints from a photo in order to access your biometrically protected data (like the info secured on your iPhone by the Touch ID system). But while it’s technically possible, biometrics experts say there’s no need to panic.

This tactic, isn’t exactly new, this technique was exploited in 2014 by the CCC (Chaos Computer Club). They successfully recreated German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen’s print.

There is some good news however, According to Jason Chaikin, President of biometric verification company Vkansee, there is a barrier for entry that is extremely high, making this technique not worth the time spent. 30 out of 100 selfies that are close enough to a high megapixel camera have the right lighting. Then once you have a good image, there is a true craft being able to take that and recreate the print, size it, and bring it to another application to print it and then transfer it to a mold and create an impression.

What helps seal the deal, is the thieves also need to possess the bio-metric entry to break into the device.

So you could be safe and send up your same sentiment like Amy Pohler did at the golden globes. It expresses the same and no threat to any security just to be extra safe.